NIM Machines

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Define a Machine

  1. Add an entry to /etc/hosts to reflect the machine name and IP address for the NIM Machine.
  2. # smitty nim
    1. Select: Perform NIM Administration Tasks
    2. Select: Manage Machines
    3. Select: Define a Machine
      1. Ensure the entry fields reflect the following:
                  * Host name of Machine                     [<hostname added to /etc/hosts>]
                      (Primary Network Install Interface)
                    Machine Type                             [standalone]
                    Hardware Platform Type                   [chrp]
                    Cable Type                               [<F4 to ensure the proper Cabling>]
                    NIM Network                              [<Ensure this is on the correct network>]
                    Comments                                 [<Describe the machine>]'''

Further Reading

  1. IBM pSeries and AIX Information Center