AIX Recovering root Password

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Recover root Password

  1. The CD/DVD media for the release is required, same Major, Minor, Current or Higher Technology Level.
  2. Boot system into SMS Mode.
  3. Select the DVD/CD as a boot device.
  4. Define your current system as the system console by pressing the F1 key and then press Enter.
  5. Select the number of your preferred language.
  6. Choose Start Maintenance Mode for System Recovery by typing 3.
  7. Select: Access a Root Volume Group.
  8. Type 0.
  9. Type the number of the appropriate volume group from the list.
  10. Select Access this Volume Group and start a shell by typing 1.
  11. At the # (number sign) prompt, type the passwd command.
  12. Sync to disk.
    1. # sync;sync;sync;reboot

Further Reading

  1. IBM pSeries and AIX Information Center