SVC v7000 Host Operations

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Host Listing Operations

  1. List all hosts
    svcinfo lshost
  2. List a host by name
    svcinfo lshost <host_name>
    ex: svcinfo lshost HOSTNAME
  3. List a host using wildcards
    svcinfo lshost -filtervalue host_name="<expression>*"
    ex: svcinfo lshost -filtervalue host_name="HOST*"
  4. List vdisks mapped to host
    svcinfo lshostvdiskmap <host_name>
    ex: svcinfo lshostvdiskmap HOSTNAME

Host Operations

  1. Create a FC host
    svctask mkhost -name <host_name> -fcwwpn <wwpn_list>
    ex: svctask mkhost -name HOSTNAME -fcwwpn 210100E08B251EE6
    ex: svctask mkhost -name HOSTNAME -fcwwpn 210100E08B251EE6:210100F08C262EE7

Host Mapping Operations

  1. Map a vdisk to a host
    svctask mkvdiskhostmap -force -host <host_name> <vdisk_name>
    ex: svctask mkvdiskhostmap -force -host HOSTNAME VDISKNAME_DB_01
  2. Add FC WWPN to a host
    svctask addhostport -fcwwpn <wwpn_list> <host_name>
    ex: svctask addhostport -fcwwpn 210100E08B251EE6 HOSTNAME
    ex: svctask addhostport -fcwwpn 210100E08B251EE6:210100F08C262EE7 HOSTNAME
  3. Remove FC WWPN from a host
    svctask rmhostport <-force> -fcwwpn <wwpn_list> <host_name>
    ex: svctask rmhostport -fcwwpn 210100E08B251EE6 HOSTNAME
    ex: svctask rmhostport -fcwwpn 210100E08B251EE6:210100F08C262EE7 HOSTNAME

Further Reading

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