Recreating the boot logical volume

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Recreate the boot logical volume

The bosboot command requires that the boot logical volume (hd5) exists. If it is ever needed to re-create the BLV from scratch follow this procedure.

  1. Boot the machine into maintenance mode from CD or tape, enter into SMS mode and select the boot device.
  2. Remove the old hd5 logical volume.
    # rmlv hd5
  3. Clear the boot record at the beginning of the disk.
    # chpv -c hdisk#
  4. Create a new hd5 logical volume that is one PP in size, in rootvg and at the outer edge as the intrapolicy.
    # mklv -y hd5 -t -a e rootvg 1
  5. Run the bosboot command.
    # bosboot -ad hdisk#
  6. Check the bootlist make changes if needed
    # bootlist -m normal -o
  7. Manually sync to disk.
    # sync;sync
  8. Restart the system.
    # shutdown -Fr now

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