RHEL Register a Virtual Hypervisor

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VMWare ESXi Hypervisor

  1. The virt-who package must be installed.
    1. # yum install virt-who
  2. Register the guest via Subscription Management.
    1. # subscription-manager register
  3. Record the org ID from subscription manager.
    1. # subscription-manager identify
    2. Should return similar to.
      Current identity is: 5acd8904-25fc-498e-ad9d-239d262be0aa
      word-wrap: break-word;">name: system1.example.redhat.com
      org name: 7086261
      org ID: 7086261
  4. Configure the virt-who options.
    1. # vi /etc/sysconfig/virt-who
    2. Configure the following options, the org ID: number will be used for the VIRTWHO_ESX_OWNER option.
      VIRTWHO_ESX_OWNER=<org ID output>
      VIRTWHO_ESX_SERVER=<IP Address or FQDN hostname of VCenter Server>
      VIRTWHO_ESX_USERNAME=<Administrator Username>
      VIRTWHO_ESX_PASSWORD=<Administrator Password>
  5. Start the virt-who service and configure for autostart.
    1. service virt-who start
    2. chkconfig virt-who on
  6. Attached a physical "Virtual Datacenter" subscription to the hypervisor.
    1. # subscription-manager list --available
    2. # subscription-manager subscribe --auto

KVM Hypervisor

Microsoft HyperV

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