LVM Install a New Physical Volume

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Installation of a New Physical Volume

  1. # diag
  2. Select: Task Selection
  3. Select: Hot Plug Task
  4. Select: SCSI and SCSI Raid Hot Plug Manager
  5. Select: Attach a Device Attached to an SCSI Hot Swap Enclosure Device
  6. Select: Slot # of the physical volume you wish to remove
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the new physical volume


Installation of a New Physical Volume

  1. Partitioning the physical volume
    1. # fdisk /dev/XXX
      1. Command (m for help): n
      2. p
      3. Partition Number (1-4): 1
      4. First cylinder(1-..., default 1): <Enter>
      5. Last cylinder(1-..., default): <Enter>
      6. Command (m for help): t
      7. Hex code (type L to list codes): 8e
      8. Command (m for help): w
  2. Initialize disk for use by the LVM
    # pvcreate /dev/<physical_volume#>
  3. If creating a new volume group
    # vgcreate <volume_group> /dev/<physical_volume#>
  4. If adding to an existing volume group
    # vgextend <volume_group> /dev/<physical_volume#>

Further Reading

  1. IBM pSeries and AIX Information Center