LACP (802.3ad) Configuration & Verification

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  1. Use the smitty fastpath etherchannel to enter the menu.
    # smitty etherchannel
    1. Select: Add an EtherChannel / Link Aggregation
    2. Select the primary ethernet adapters that will be a part of the etherchannel configuration and press [Enter]


Verify LACP activity

  1. Verify LACP adapter activity is Active, Backup, or down.
    # entstat -d <etherchannel interface> | egrep 'ETH|Active|Backup'

List etherchannel devices

  1. List all adapters.
    # lsdev -Cc adapter
  2. The device configured for 802.3ad will have output similar to the following.
         ent8    Available       EtherChannel / IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation

Recovery and Failover

Further Reading

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